Invite a friend and get the reward all year long!

Get EUR 5 for investing right after the person you have invited opens a NEO Finance account. + 1% of their invested amount all year long! Rules

How does it work?

Invite a friend to join the NEO Finance investor community.
After they register, open an account and deposit at least EUR 50 to it, you will get EUR 5, whereas the friend will get EUR 20 for investing in the platform.
When they invest, for one year, we will transfer you 1% of the money they invest to your account.

Benefits for you

You can earn additional money
You can invite whatever number of your friends
Long-term programme

Benefits for your friends

Chance to learn investing
Friends you invite can also invite theirs
Long-term programme

NEO Finance statistics

11 563
Active investors
55 009 820 €
Consumer credits financed
17.07 %
Average interest rate


Using the registration code given by you, your friend registers at, deposits at least EUR 50 and gets EUR 20 for investing in the platform.
Let’s say that later on, every month EUR 300 is transferred to their NEO Finance account and invested in the platform.
This means that your friend will get EUR 20 for investing, whereas you: in the forst month, you will get EUR 5 for their registration and opening an account + EUR 320 * 1% = EUR 3.2. During the remaining 11 months, you will get EUR 300 * 1% = EUR 3.
Therefore, the full yearly earnings of one friend will sum up to EUR 41.2.
And you can invite as many friends as you want!

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