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Money can lie in your wallet or they can work for you. Invest available funds to consumer loans using "NEO Finance" peer-to-peer platform and earn! The company, supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, has already issued loans worth of more than 50 million euros, and the average interest rate is 17.27%!
Make your money work
Unlimited electronic money institution license
The first and, so far, the only the Lithuanian P2P platform to receive an unlimited electronic money institution license, allowing it to operate throughout the European Union. The license ensures the security of customer's funds - they are kept in a separate account from company's own funds. At the same time, it means that the company is constantly monitored and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.
"BuyBack" and Insurance Fund services
In the case of indebtedness, when the agreement with the borrower is terminated, investors have the opportunity to sell their investments to NEO Finance for 50-80% of their value. Meanwhile, the Insurance Fund provides an opportunity to reduce investment risk: If the loan is not repaid, NEO Finance guarantees the return of the money to investors by guaranteeing with all Company's assets.
Average return – 12 percent
In Lithuania, interest rates on consumer loans have historically been quite high, as unitl 2016 the market was not regulated. However, even after the implementation of regulatory measures, interest rates remained quite high in 2016 , they were 16.8 percent for consumer credit provided by banks and 78.9 percent - by other financial institutions. The investor risk-return ratio is one of the highest in Europe.
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