Make money by periodically investing!

Periodic investing is a regular investment strategy.
The first top-up of your personal NEO Finance account for the commencement of investing.
0 Eur
100000 Eur
Amount to top-up your NEO Finance account for the regular period you select.
0 Eur
10000 Eur
Period defining the duration of the periodic top-ups.
1 Year
50 Years
Credit rating that defines the level of investment risk at which your money will be invested.
A+ A B C C-
Invested amount
Preliminary return
Invested amount Preliminary amount invested during the selected investment period. 0 EUR
Preliminary return Return that, based on historical data, could be earned from the amount invested. Please note that past data does not guarantee future results. 0 EUR
Possible amount at the end of the period Total indicative amount of money invested and earned 0 EUR
*The calculator is preliminary, intended to estimate potential interest earnings but does not guarantee future results. We would like to remind you that investing is always related to risk!

About periodic investment

Periodic investing is a tool that allows you to regularly increase and automatically make use of your investment portfolio. The tool will conveniently save you a lot of time and investment. By setting up automatic account top-ups, selecting the desired amount and creating an automatic investment, you will invest in offers that meet your risk. Even a small amount every month will help you increase your investment portfolio and give you the opportunity to earn larger amounts in the long run!

Why should you choose the NEO Finance?

Average interest rate
194 531 894 €
Sum of granted loans
Issued loans count

How to start?

Open an account with the NEO Finance.

After registering and confirming your identity, you will have a personal free IBAN account with the NEO Finance.

Top-up your accont

You will need to confirm the opened account by bank transfer. Using the Neopay payment service window, you can conveniently top up your account from your personal bank account.

Conclude a recurring payment agreement

In the “Deposit” section of your account, you will find the option to conclude a recurring payment agreement and set up automatic account top-ups from your bank account.

Create an automatic investment

Set up automatic investing in your account and choose the loan criteria you would like to invest in.

Your money in the account has been successfully invested!

After completing all the above mentioned steps, your account will be topped-up periodically, and the free funds in your account will be automatically invested. Log in to your account on a regular basis, where you can monitor your investment performance or adjust your automatic investment ad as needed. We would like to remind you that before making investment decisions, you should properly assess all the risks associated with investing in financial losses, i.e. not to receive all or part of the planned interest, not to return part or all of the invested funds.

Fees and conditions

The regular top-up agreement must be approved through your personal bank.