NEO Finance is one of the safest P2P platforms in Europe, but that's not enough for us - understanding that one of the key points for investors is the credibility of the platform, we've been working hard to become an NR. 1 safest platform on the continent.

Why do we say we are among the safest?

We have more than a few arguments for this.


No Upfront Fees

NEO Finance prides itself on its business model, which is not focused on making a quick profit, but on making a long-term profit. We are not only interested in making loans, but in making loans that have the prospect of being repaid. While many peer-to-peer lending platforms make a profit at the time of loan origination, we generate revenue over the life of the loan with each borrower payment. What does this mean? It is in the company's interest to ensure that every instalment is paid and every debt is recovered, because that is the only way we will make our profit.

Unlimited Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence

NEO Finance is the first Lithuanian P2P platform, that received an unlimited electronic money license, allowing it to operate throughout the European Union. This means that the company is constantly monitored and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

Dedicated funds

While many P2P platforms hold investors' funds in their company accounts, NEO Finance takes a different approach. Investors' money is held separately from the company's funds in a dedicated account of the Bank of Lithuania, so the company does not manage the investors' funds.

Mandatory minimum capital

As NEO Finance is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, the company has to comply with strict requirements. One of them is to have a minimum capital of EUR 350 000. This means that even if the company is not profitable, it will always have additional capital if needed.

Highly regulated market

The Lithuanian P2P market is one of the few in the world that is so tightly controlled. NEO Finance is listed on the public list of peer-to-peer lending platform operators and on the public list of consumer credit providers. Unregulated platforms pose a much higher risk than those that are regulated by more than one authority.


NEO Finance is an extremely transparent and open company. Anyone can view the company's publicly available financial statements. The documents are checked by independent auditors to make sure that all the data in the reports is correct.

Business continuity

Every year, the company carries out specific tests to deal with worst-case scenarios (crises, bankruptcy, etc.), so that it can think ahead and plan what to do if it has to face these situations in reality. 

Listed on Nasdaq First North

NEO Finance shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North stock market. The company is therefore obliged to share all documents, updates and corporate decisions publicly. If you have confidence in the company and believe in NEO Finance's success, you can also invest in our shares and become a NEO Finance shareholder.

Buyback service

This service allows you to reduce your investment risk even more effectively. In the event of default, when the contract with the borrower is terminated, investors have the option of selling their investments to NEO Finance for 25-50% of their value. Also, from 12 April 2021, NEO Finance automatically applies a 100% Buyback Guarantee to A+ rated loans.