The Invite Your Friend Referral Programme of peer-to-peer lending platform NEO Finance (hereinafter – the Referral Programme) enables the investors of NEO Finance to earn extra money, as well as invite their friends and / or peers to join the NEO Finance investors, and discover new opportunities for investment.

NEO Finance provides each investor with a unique code and a unique URL link, both of which can be found while logged in to the investor profile in the platform. In order to invite a friend to join NEO Finance, the investor can either share the unique code with them (the code shall be entered to the system during the registration process at, or send them a unique URL link.

The NEO Finance investor gets EUR 5 for each friend they invite, who registers and opens an electronic money account with the unique code or the unique URL link shared by the investor. In addition to that, the investor will get 1% of the amount invested by the invited friend every month throughout the first year. The money will be transferred to the investor’s electronic money account by NEO Finance.

How to join the programme?

Log in to your NEO Finance profile and look for Invite Your Friend section in the Settings.

There, you will find the unique code and unique URL link, both of which you can share with your friends.

If your friend uses your unique code, they will be able to enter it in the Referrals / Gift Code field during the registration. If they use the unique URL link, your code will be automatically assigned to them.


  • Award for an invited friend:           
    - When an invited friend signs up at and opens an electronic money account, you will get EUR 5, which will be transferred to your electronic money account within 30 days counting from the fulfilment of the above-mentioned conditions;
    - 1 percent of the amount invested through primary market each month by the invited friend, during the first year after they sign up at website and open an electronic money account, will be transferred to your electronic money account within 30 days after the relevant month.
  • When the invited friend registers at and opens an electronic money account, EUR 20 (hereinafter - Investment Funds) will be transferred to their account for investing on the primary market at NEO Finance P2P lending platform . If the Investor does not use Investment Funds within 30 days from the date of granting, the funds shall be canceled.
  • Investments for which invited friend used Investment funds could be sold on the secondary market just after all of the following conditions are met:
    - An invited friend has an active investment portfolio of at least EUR 500;
    - More than 1 year has passed since the receipt of the Investment Funds.
  • Only those who have a NEO Finance investor account can participate in the Referral Programme and invite friends to invest at NEO Finance.
  • The investor can invite an unlimited number of friends.
  • Taxation of the Revenue generated by the Referral Programme:
    - Awards granted to non-residents of Lithuania are not taxable;
    - For the residents of the republic of Lithuania, the first six awards during the year are non-taxable, except for the awards equal to or over EUR 200. Calculating from the seventh prize awarded in the same year, an income tax equal to 15% will be calculated. The tax will be automatically deducted by NEO Finance from the amount payable to the investor.
  • “NEO Finance” reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Referral Programme or to terminate the Referral Programme at any time. “NEO Finance” undertakes the responsibility to provide such information in advance at

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