Discover the opportunities of secondary market 2020-04-17

Discover the opportunities of secondary market

A unique opportunity to purchase favorable investment offers!

In the face of uncertainty in the financial markets due to the COVID-19 virus, some investors are shifting their portfolios to other, riskier financial instruments and, as a result, selling part of their NEO Finance portfolio.

The current prices in the secondary market have never been seen before due to increased activities of the sellers.

Secondary market - an opportunity to expand your investment opportunities:

* Save time - You can buy investments in the secondary market not only manually, but also automatically, according to the criteria set by you.

* Increase your return potential - Most investments in the secondary market have a payment history, part of the payment period is over. Therefore, short-term investments can be purchased. Statistically, a loan tends to become “Default” within the first 25% of the loan payment period, so buying on the secondary market can reduce the risk.

* Manage risks - Buy not late and sell late investments. Secondary market conditions are currently better than BuyBack!

* Invest in people’s earning potential - During a crisis, when incomes fall, borrowers can apply for “credit leave” for up to 3 months period. While borrowers get the option to delay payments during those months, they are required to pay interest.

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