Interview with Denny Neidhardt of re:think P2P-Kredite 2019-07-22

Interview with Denny Neidhardt of re:think P2P-Kredite

Some time ago, we conducted an interview with Denny Neidhardt, a P2P blogger and founder of re:think P2P-Kredite blog. We highly recommend to follow his blog! Link to the blog:

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How did you find out about NEO Finance in the first place?

It must be about six to seven months ago. But I can’t recall how exactly to be honest. I guess it was either through my own research on crowdlending companies or maybe through an email by TargetCircle.

Why did you choose NEO Finance, instead of other Lithuanian P2P platforms?

It’s not 100% correct at this time because I also started to invest at Debitum Network in June 2019.

There was a couple of things that got me hooked with NEO Finance. To name a few: The level of transparency, the variety of income streams incl. PIS, e-money license, the focus on a specific target segment for borrowers, the unique risk assessment approach, different safety layers, the numbers for the collection process as well as the growth potential in general.

After meeting most of the team personally while being in Vilnius, I was even more convinced about the business case at NEO Finance.

How would you say Lithuanian P2P lending market is different from that of Latvia and Estonia?

As far as I can tell, I would say it has the most regulated market for consumer lending of all three Baltic countries.

How would you say investing in NEO Finance is different from investing in other Baltic P2P platforms?

That is very hard for me to say. First, because I haven’t yet explored the full extent of investing opportunities on NEO Finance itself and secondly, I don’t have that broad investing experience on many other platforms as well. I mostly stick with a few companies that I trust the most and then try to explore them one step at a time.

In the book, you have paid attention to our IPO. Did you follow it? Did you buy any shares? Why?

Of course, I did follow the IPO. I also learnt a lot of new things, e.g. what the Dutch auction method is. But I haven’t bought any shares, though. I am happy to stick with my loan portfolio at NEO Finance.

What do you think are the greatest challenges that the Baltic, as well as Lithuanian, P2P platforms should address most carefully?

I think the main obstacle in p2p-lending to overcome is trust. In order to do so p2p-platforms must show transparency, communicate, be open for the dialogue and showcase a proven record of sustainable results and growth.

Thank you for your time!

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