2019: what awaits? | Review of Hobbyinvestor 2019-01-30

2019: what awaits? | Review of Hobbyinvestor

2018 was a very exciting and successful year for NEO Finance.

Here, we are sharing the views of our German partner, Hobby Investor author Sebastian, on our platform:

I've been an investor in NEO Finance for more than half a year now. After a good 7 months draw, a conclusion on P2P loans, all of which have a term of over 3 years, of course, is not yet possible. I can only speak of my first impression. And it is is very positive. I like the fact that NEO Finance itself is the loan originator and that, as an investor, I can myself decide whether or not to grant a loan.

I get a lot of credit details from NEO Finance. Also, I can see exactly how other investors are investing in particular loan, and possibly join them.

There is also a credit rating from A (the most reliable) to C (not the most reliable). The credit rating also decides on the interest rate that the borrower has to pay. Interest rates at NEO Finance can go up to 28%, with 25% being the highest I've seen on a P2P platform so far.

NEO Finance has a buyback guarantee, but it works quite differently than usual. If the buyback guarantee is not enough, you can invest in a so-called Provision fund for cash and "insure" against the loan default. This Provision fund then covers 100% of the invested capital, but is not quite cheap.

You can find the full article (in German) by following the link:

Good luck with your investments!

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