You can still join the NEO Finance crowdfunding campaign 2018-11-21

You can still join the NEO Finance crowdfunding campaign

We would like to share some news regarding our crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.

We are glad to have attracted the initially-expected funds. However, we‘re not planning to stop and are moving forward.

We are growing way faster than expected, and in the market, we see a whole lot of opportunities for expansion and service improvement. Therefore, we are not stopping the campaign – we’re encouraging you to become a part of NEO Finance success by joining it.

We will use the attracted funds for the following activities:

- attracting investors, as well as borrowers
- expanding the Payment Initiation Service (PIS)
- implementing our marketing strategy and plans
- expansion outside of Lithuania

Up until now, we have attracted the funds from nearly 350 persons. The largest contribution was equal to EUR 70.000, made by Crosspring B.V., a startup accelerator operating in the Netherlands.

We are glad to be the leaders of the market, and are sure that with your help, we will keep on setting such high standards.

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